The Western Region Users’ Group (WRUG)

Board Members Key User Group Information
Michelle Grant
University of Colorado Medicine

Vice President of Vendor Relations
Scott Wead
VCU Health System

Vice President of Agenda Planning
Michelle Irwin
Dignity Health Medical Foundation

Vice President of Web Development
Maggie Ilagan

Lisa Englund
Dignity Health Medical Foundation

Jennifer Morris

athenahealth Liaison
Lauren Serrano
athenahealth User Group Program Manager

Who We Are
The Western Region User Group (WRUG) started in 1990 as a
small group of West Coast IDX customers seeking to
improve relationships with the athenahealth support organization.
Since then the organization has grown tremendously and taken
on a much broader purpose. The primary goals of WRUG are


▪ Develop a network of support and information sharing
among members. To offer technical expertise and solutions
for all aspects of operations.
▪ Communicate to athenahealth the needs, interests, and
concerns of our organization, as well as those of the
▪ Build a relationship with athenahealth that allows for all parties to become partners in the development of the athenahealth products.
▪ Initiate, promote, and sponsor the exchange of nonrestricted information of material interest and value
pertaining to or recommended by athenahealth.
▪ Formulate and pursue common goals for the organization
and its members.

Conference Information
Our two-day conferences are designed with a meeting agenda
to facilitate interactive discussions and educational
Registered members are welcome to attend any and all of the
sessions. There are two meetings a year in February and
August. Recent WRUG locations have been Las Vegas, NV,
as well as Walnut Creek and Pasadena, CA.
Agendas typically include workshops, keynote address, general
presentations, open operational discussion, application
breakout sessions, an athenahealth update, vendor presentations,
and an administrative session. “Breakout” sessions typically
follow four tracks: Finance (BAR), Patient Flow, Information
Technology and MCA (Managed Care Applications).
WRUG appreciates what the vendor community provides and
allows vendors to be members. The February and August
conferences include a robust vendor fair.