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About MCAG

The Managed Care Assistance Group (MCAG) is a collection of users of the athenaIDX Financial Risk Manager (FRM). The group was established in 1991 to:

1. Provide a forum for athenaIDX FRM Users to network and share information on strategies and uses of the athenahealth system, related healthcare system issues and other business issues.

2. Represent FRM Users as one voice, ensuring that common issues and enhancements are brought to athenahealth for resolution or consideration.

3. Advise athenahealth and ancillary software vendors in the development of high quality systems for athenaIDX FRM Clients.

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About WRUG

The Western Region User Group (WRUG) started in 1990 as a small group of West Coast Virence customers seeking to improve relationships with the athenahealth support organization. Since then the organization has grown tremendously and taken on a much broader purpose. The primary goals of WRUG are to:

  • Develop a network of support and information sharing among members. To offer technical expertise and solutions for all aspects of operations.

  • Communicate to athenahealth the needs, interests, and concerns of our organization, as well as those of the profession.

  • Build a relationship with athenahealth that allows for all parties to become partners in the development of the Virence products.

  • Initiate, promote, and sponsor the exchange of non-restricted information of material interest and value pertaining to or recommended by athenahealth.

  • Formulate and pursue common goals for the organization and its members.

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If you’d like to speak at one of future events, please get in touch!